Introduction of the Department of English and Linguistics

The Department of English and Linguistics is currently composed of 3' faculty members, 2 faculty members in training, and 1 member of administration staff. It was founded in 1995 after some years of belonging to the old Section of Philology I from the University of Barcelona and, since 1994, after its consolidation as an own institution from the University of Lleida.

The Department offers 13 degrees/ double degrees and 4 master degrees of the University of Lleida and holds 2 research groups, Circle of Applied Linguistics and GrupDedal-Lit (Group Dedal-Lit). Moreover, the Department promotes several especial educational actions linked to the English Studies degree (especially a field trip in Liverpool and a theatrical workshop in English) and an annual conference (Dal Day). In addition, it participates in two doctoral programmes as well as in all the mobility programmes of the UdL, which include study abroad experiences for students and international mobility programs for faculty members.