In Flames

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On June 2nd, the team from this year's Theatre Workshops in English presented the last two shows of IN FLAMES, an English version of the widely acclaimed play Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad. The play, adapted and directed by Núria Casado Gual, was performed by 3rd-year students of English Studies. The cast was as follows: Zínia Pascual, Natàlia Kendall, Isaac Escolà, Oriol Solé, Cecilia Fondevilla, Ana Sierra, Mincho Minchev, Arturo Puch, Moisés Tormo, i Alessia Orlandini. The students Lucia Silva, Oumayma Kerchaoui and Josué López, and Laura Oller as the department's grant-holder, completed the team of production assistants. The choir arrangements and live music were by Jordi Cano and Oscar Sánchez H acted as the technical coordinator of the lighting, sound and visual departments. With IN FLAMES, a great tragedy about identity, family, trauma and reconciliation, the Theatre Workshop produced by the Department of English and Linguistics of the University of Lleida (with support from the Faculty of Arts and the Vice-chancellor of Cultural Activities) has reached its tenth edition.