Doctorate Programme in Territory, Heritage and Culture

Research lines


The Department of English and Linguistics participates in the following research lines of the Doctorate Programme in Territory, Heritage and Culture.

Applied Languages

The line in research in Applied Languages provides advanced training on specific areas of language learning and use in bi- and multilingual contexts and from different scientific and professional perspectives such as linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, education, translation/interpretation and ICT.


English Philology and Linguistics

The line of research in English Philology and Linguistics offers the students the necessary training for academic research on English language, English literature and English cultures, as well as elements related with both linguistics and technology.

Gender Studies

Analysis of reality and its representation using gender as a transdisciplinary analytical category that starts from the inequalities between men and women and refers to the traits and roles attributed to each sex in each historical moment and in each society. Gender relations are studied in different areas: literature, language, education, new technologies, media, urban planning and spatial planning, economy, history, etc.


More information is available on the doctorate’s web page: Territory, Heritage and Culture.

Doctoral Thesis

Department of English and Linguistics

Thesis’ title

PhD student



The effects of transnational mobility and language on Japanese national identity in three groups: Japanese graduate students studying abroad, kikokushijo, and Nikkei Brazilians

Eric Van Dyke, FRITZ David Block & Josep M. Cots 2022

La factualidad en las oraciones adversativas, concesivas y condicionales en español: El papel de los tiempos verbales en la anotación automática de corpus

Leyre BARRIOS VICENTE Glòria Vázquez García 2022
The impact of the internationalisation of higher education on scientists' multimodal communication: A case study from Catalonia Helena TORRES PURROY Josep M. Cots Caimons 2021
An exploration of English language learners’ emotions and beliefs in a Catalan context: Insights from self-reported experiences and observed classroom practices Irati DIERT BOTÉ Xavier Martin Rubio 2021
L2 reading and vocabulary development as a result of a study abroad experience Judith BORRÀS ANDRÉS Àngels Llanes Baró 2020
Lecturers' identities and practices in English-medium instruction at a Catalan University: an ethnographic study Balbina MONCADA COMAS David Block Allen 2020
A Mixed Methods Approach to Identity, Investment, and Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Case of Erasmus Students in Finland, Romania, and Catalonia Vasilica MOCANU Enric Llurda Giménez 2019
Modalities of Contemporary Thought and Behaviour in the Edwardian Fiction of Hilaire Belloc Lambert ESCORIHUELA PUJOL Brian Worsfold 2018
Discourses of Female Ageing in the Works of Erika Jong Ieva STONCIKAITE

Núria Casado Gual

Isabel Santaulària Capdevila

Discourses on Study Abroad: The Experience of Erasmus Students from a University in Catalonia Sònia MAS ALCOLEA

Josep M. Cots Caimons

Núria Casado Gual

Symbolic Transitions as Modalities of Aging: Intertextuality in the Life and Works of Edward Bulwer-Lytton and Edgar Allan Poe Marta MIQUEL BALDELLOU Brian Worsfold 2016
Language Policy and Internationalisation: The experience of international students at a Catalan university Lidia GALLEGO BALSÀ Josep M. Cots Caimons 2014
A Mixed-Methods Approach to the Analysis of Chicano/a Identity: Discourses on Language, Literature and the Border Alana Gabrielle JACKSON

Josep M. Cots Caimons

Enric Llurda Giménez

Identity Construction in two Bilingual Communities. Clashing Nationalist Discourses
Francisco Javier MARTIN RUBIO Josep M. Cots Caimons 2011
Women Detectives, Agents of Feminism, Androgynous Avatars in the Fiction of Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs Maria del Carmen FARRÉ VIDAL Brian Worsfold 2011