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Consolidated Research Group (2017 SGR 589)

Coordinator :

Núria Casado Gual

Research Group Members :


Pilar Brufau Brufau
Emma Domínguez  Rué
Núria Mina Riera
Maricel Oró Piqueras
Inesa Shevchenko
Katerina Valentova

Research Group Website:

Aging and gender in contemporary literary creation in English



Lines of Research of the Group:

  • Age studies
  • Gender studies
  • Literary gerontology in English, particularly: Literary representations of ageing, and relationship between literary creation and ageing
  • Literary representations of the life course


Ongoing Projects

- Ageing, quality of life and creativity through narrative (FFI2016-79666-R). Main researchers: Núria Casado and Fidel Molilna

Completed Projects
Aging and gender in contemporary literary creation in English (FFI2012-37050) Main Researcher: Nuria Casado
- Live to be a hundred: Cultural narratives of longevity (The Netherlands organisation for scientific research (NWO) UdL Main Researcher: Brian Worsfold.

- 6º simposio internacional sobre gerontología cultural: tiempos que se expanden, realidades que emergen, respuestas que se gestan (FFI2008-01130-E) IP: Brian Worsfold

- Percepciones de la vejez en la literatura contemporánea escrita en inglés ( BFF2000-1076) Main Researcher: Brian Worsfold.

- The art of ageing. An international, interdisciplinary conference on textualising the phases of life. (El arte de envejecer. Congreso internacional e interdisciplinario sobre la textualización de las fases de la vida) Main researcher: Brian Worsfold

- A vision of order: 20th century new literature(s) in English. Main researcher: Brian Worsfold

Relevant Publications :

- Casado-Gual, N.; Domínguez-Rué, E.;  Worsfold, B. Eds (2016) Literary Creativity and the Older Woman Writer. A Collection of Critical Essays. Peter Lang

- Domínguez-Rué, E.; Nierling L. Eds. (2016) Ageing and Technology. Perspectives from Social Sciences. Transcript Verlag

- Oró-Piqueras, M.; Wohlmann, A. Eds. (2016) Serializing Age: Aging and Old Age in TV Series. Transcript Verlag

- Oró-Piqueras, Maricel (2016) "The Complexities of Female Ageing: Four Women Protagonists in Penelope Lively's Studies." Journal of Ageing Studies. 36.

- Casado-Gual, N. (2015) "Joanna McClelland Glass' Mrs Dexter and Her Daily and the inter-play among Age, Gender and Class." Canada and Beyond. 5.


- Mina-Riera, N. (2015) "The Ageing Experience Shaping the Portrayal of Place in Lorna Crozier's Poetry." Postgraduate Journal of Women, Ageing and Media (PGWAM). 2.The Summer School Edition.

- Oró-Piqueras, M. (2015) "Female Ageing: Revising Reifungsroman in Doris Lessing's The Summer Before the Dark and Love. Again." Odisea. Revista de Estudios Ingleses. 15.



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